In this chapter we will tell you briefly about our saloons. All of them are located in the central part of Odessa, thus can be easily reached by car or even by walk. It was done specifically for the needs of foreigners who arrive to Odessa to make them easier to find our places.


All our masseurs are working in a separate rooms isolated from the outdoor`s noises because any kind of them may create an inconvenience for the client and will prevent from full relaxation which is the main goal of massages. The utmost term of saloon is the noise-reducing isolation, as well as a sound effects like natural sounding of rainfalls or seabreezes, etc, birds singing or any other chillout tunes and melodies. All of them give an additional effect during sessions.


 While founding our saloon we aimed at the point that the client had to feel himself comfortable since the first step inside of our place that would adjust him for pacification and relaxing. The saloon interior should enable for all that. Whole design inspired by Eastern culture, traditional attributes and tools such as hand fans, candles, aromatic lamps, quiet melody and many others create special necessary conditions.


 Sizes of rooms are also of much importance - the more space  is better for the total feeling and success of the session. For this purpose we also equipped the rooms with good  air-conditioned system that will maintain necessary optimal temperature - 22-24 Degrees Celsius.


 Speaking about illumination - it can be also different. In a case of traditional massage it equals almost to daylight, but during Eastern or Erotic massages the light may be muffled  or even set to middark that will add some psychological effect also.


We also followed the obligatory requirements for the floor - wooden floors are covered with a tender soft carpets. They are full dissolve in saloon antourage and conforms with it`s design.


As you see we tried to follow all the main established standards in this industry therefore we are sure you will enjoy stay in our saloons!




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