Erotic (sensitive) massage - form of human`s sexual behavior that can be considered as a variety of one-way petting, done according to mutual agreement, specifically created methodics, manipulating with erogenic zones, leading to orgazm or without it.


Skin is the largest sense organ of our body and it covers the entire surface area. The sense of touch is extremely important for the expression of sexuality in an individual. The love between couples is supplemented by their sexual attraction for each other. Skin contact can lead to sensual response; the sensual massage technique uses this philosophy to bring couples closer. Sex plays a very important role in determining the dynamics of a relationship. Scientists have discovered that fulfilling love making sessions strengthen the bond between couples. Sensual massage is a great way to prime your partner’s body to your touch. Sensual massages can be of various types and today we will discuss some of them.


1. Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is most commonly practiced in massage parlors and spa and is extremely effective in relaxing the mind and muscle pain. The Swedish massage technique comprises of five simple strokes that are completed in sequence.  The Swedish massage strokes should be repeated in the same manner to give the maximum benefit to the receiver. The receiver will benefit from relaxed muscles, improved circulation and better immunity after this massage. The Effleurage is used to give long strokes to relax the muscles and boost the blood flow to the affected areas. Oil and lotion can also be used in this technique. On the other hand, the Petrissage technique requires the masseuse to knead the muscles to break up the knots.

2. Friction strokes can be used to heat the skin and improve circulation to the muscle groups. The nerve strokes gently stimulate the nerve endings attached to the skin. The therapy room has soft lighting along with slow music playing in the background.

3. Esalen Massage:  The Esalen massage starts off as the Swedish massage, but it leads to sensual aspects, which is best suited for couples. Couples use the Esalen therapy as a form of foreplay to prime their partners for intercourse. The Esalen massage not only relaxes the mind, it is also a great foreplay method for both men and women.

4. Tantric Massage: In this technique, the romantic partner or the massage giver tries to activate the seven chakras of their lover with hand strokes.  Meditation is an important part of the tantric massage. Genital contact is also a vital part in tantric massage. Usually both the massage giver and the receiver are required to be in the buff during the session, so it is a popular method between couples.  The primary goals of tantric massage are firmly based on spiritual and sensual goals.

5.Romantic or Sexual Massage: Couples looking to ignite the passion in their partners use this technique.  This type of massage helps sets the mood for intimacy among couples. The romantic massage techniques primarily consist of deep compression strokes and involves a lot of sensual contact. Genital contact is encouraged in romantic massages. Romantic massage is all about couples exploring each other’s bodies and getting tuned to their partner’s needs.




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